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After many years of searching for answers regarding our youngest daughter’s issues involving learning her letters and numbers, reading, and such, she received a diagnosis of several learning disorders, including dyslexia. I did my research into interventions that would help her and found Dr. Davidson. After several months of vision therapy with Halle and regular check-ins with Dr. Davidson, our daughter’s vision issues are resolved, her reading has improved, and she is even choosing to read! We are so grateful we found the Center for Vision and Learning!
— Vision Therapy parent
Before vision therapy, I got very frustrated when I read because the words were jumbled on the page. I saw double and I got dizzy when I read. This made me upset and anxious, because I love to read. After vision therapy, I no longer see double, the words are not scrambled, and I don’t get dizzy. I am in the highest reading group at school and I’ve read the first four Harry Potter books. Vision therapy is fun and makes your eye work better.
— Anna, age 8

Your therapists worked with Sara to improve her tracking and focus, among other visual needs. Prior to therapy, Sara would see two soccer balls in the air instead of one coming in towards the goal. Thanks for all you and your office did for her. Sara just started her freshman year at university where she is the goalkeeper for the women’s soccer team. She loves soccer and is much more confident due to your help along the way.
— Vision therapy parent

Prior to vision therapy Annie could not read, could not print uniformly sized letters facing the correct direction, could not spell the simplest words and had no comprehension of left or right. After 24 weeks of therapy, Annie is only one sector behind class level in reading, her printing is perfectly legible, and she is proud to write things down. Her spelling grade has gone from an F to a B+. It wasn’t always easy to get through therapy, in fact it came with lots of struggles and tears, but to see her self confidence and self assurance turn around has been worth every tear. As a bonus, her classroom behavior and attention span are drawing rave reviews from her teachers. The turn around started very slowly, but snowballed into loads of relief!
— parents of Annie, age 8

We were referred to Dr. Davidson and The Center for Vision and Learning by a social worker after undergoing multiple tests by Special School District, and a psycho-educational evaluation. We do/did O.T., tutoring, Special education, health evaluations, etc. All of these were important to see the big picture and provided some answers, as to the neurology that was underlying my son’s learning struggles. But the single biggest game-changer for him has been the visual perceptual evaluation and 8 months of vision therapy at the Center for Vision and Learning. I wish we would have come here first. The results at school in confidence and grades, and in interpersonal relationships with courage to try new, hard things and learn new skills has been marked. And his teachers are all amazed at how quickly he’s catching up. The staff is wonderful and the environment is encouraging. Exactly what our family needed!
— vision therapy parent

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