We're so glad you are interested in coming to our practice. We can't wait to meet you!

Patient History Form (submit online)

Patient History Form (pdf download)

New Patient Checklist

Please submit the new patient paperwork before scheduling an appointment. You may fill out the pdf and email it back to or fax it to 844-235-0998.

New Patient Forms

We ask that new patients arrive at least 15 minutes prior to their appointment start time. This allows us to process your forms and insurance information, as well as answer any questions before your exam. Please review the "New Patient Checklist" above for what to bring with you. 

At registration, we will save your insurance information, obtain signatures for HIPAA compliance, and review any other agreements needed. We will also collect information for a credit card to be kept on file.

Registration and Arrival

Are your doctors accepting new patients?

Yes, all of our doctors are accepting new patients! They see children up to age 18 for routine eye exams, as well as children and adults for binocular vision evaluations. Not sure what kind of appointment you need? A routine exam will check on eye health, clearness of sight, and the need for glasses or contacts. A binocular vision evaluation will also examine eye movements, eye teaming, and focusing ability. This is the appropriate exam for someone who has had a brain injury, is struggling with school, or who has already had a primary eye exam but would like more in-depth testing.

I'm interested in doing vision therapy. What's my first step?

Whether you heard about vision therapy from one of our patients, or you have done some research on your own, we look forward to starting this journey with you! The first step is to have a binocular vision evaluation performed by one of our doctors. Even if you or your child has already had a routine eye exam, this evaluation allows our doctors to do in-depth testing to ensure that vision therapy is an appropriate treatment plan, as well as giving them the opportunity to get to know you and understand your visual goals. To schedule an evaluation, please submit the new patient paperwork, and someone from our office will be in contact with you. 

I was referred here - how do I make an appointment?

To schedule an evaluation, please submit the new patient paperwork, and someone from our office will be in contact with you. Please send any pertinent records and referral letters via fax to (844) 235-0998 or e-mail to

What insurance plans do you accept?

We accept most major medical and vision insurance plans. The plans we DO NOT accept are listed here.

Is this covered by my vision insurance?

We are happy to bill your vision insurance when appropriate. Vision plans only cover routine eye exams and glasses or contacts. They do not cover binocular vision evaluations, vision therapy, or neuro-optometric rehabilitation. Your major medical insurance may cover your evaluation and/or vision therapy.  We are happy to assist you in this process, as needed.  We accept most major medical insurance plans. 


Where should I send my medical records?

You may fax, email or mail them to us. You can find all our contact information here.