Knowing what you are doing helps.

We've posted instructional videos to help you with your home vision therapy.

Eye Teaming

•working with your Brock String, Lifesaver card base-in and base-out, Barrel card, accommodation with your flipper, McGraw chart (central to peripheral eye chart), eccentric circles.

Visual Motor Integration

drawing bilateral circles, lazy 8s, Slap Tap, the Randolf shuffle , infinity walk.

Brock String  

Wondering more about that string and those beads we sent home with you? This video will help you better understand how to use it.

Lifesaver Card, Base Out (Converging)

If you aren't seeing that middle lifesaver right away, try sucking on a SOUR Lifesaver candy while you stare at your Lifesaver Card. Keep staring until that candy is gone. And no crunching!

Lifesaver Card, Base In (Diverging)

Take your time!

Flipper Accommodation

This video explains how the flipper activity works. Sometimes the overlay has red and green bars. This is used with red/green glasses.

Barrel Card

Learn how to work with your barrel card.

Slap Tap 

Circles on either the right or the left side of a vertical line indicate which hand to slap. A circle on the line indicates using both hands at the same time. Here, Izzy slaps her thighs.

Bilateral Circles

This will show you how to do your bilateral circles activity. 

McGraw Chart - or Central to Peripheral Eye Chart


Don't rush yourself with this activity.  

Eccentric Circles


Did we send some slightly strange, not-quite-centered circles home with you? This is how to work with them to converge (base-out). For diverging, or base-in, work, watch the video on Lifesavers, base-in. This exercise is very similar to that one.

The Randolf Shuffle


Turn on some music with this!

Infinity Walk


Can't see your chart the whole time? Check which direction you start walking.

 Lazy 8s

Here's John Murray with another great explaination, this time demonstrating lazy 8s.








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