What is vision therapy?

Vision therapy is individually-designed exercises to improve one's visual skills.  It is similar to occupational therapy or physical therapy.  At our office, we believe that visual deficits are not permanent and can be rehabilitated.  We have success in treating the following cases with vision therapy:

  • Lazy eye or Amblyopia
  • Strabismus
  • Convergence or eye teaming difficulties
  • Double vision
  • Eye tracking difficulties
  • Visual perceptual difficultes
  • Visual rehabilitation after head injury or stroke
  • Sports vision enhancement

How is vision therapy administered?

At our office, vision therapy is generally administered once a week, for 45 minutes.  Patients will generally work one-on-one with one of our therapists in an individually-designed program to address the patient's needs.  

Vision therapy will include activities to measure and improve visual performance.  Most activities are done in free-space, but we also utilize Wii technology and computer-based learning whenever appropriate.  

Some of our patients drive a great distance for the specialty services provided at the Center for Vision & Learning.  It may not be possible to attend vision therapy each week.  In those cases, your doctor may also be able to prescribe a home-based vision therapy program designed just for you.  


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